Bollywood Review: Ek Tha Tiger

Movie Poster Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Khan’s magnetism brings this spy thriller alive, with equal mixes of love story and action.

By Avantika

Bollywood FIlm Industry on Films and BooksSalman Khan burns up the ratings again with Ek Tha Tiger, his first movie under the well known Yash Raj banner. Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie revolves around two spies who fall in love while working on a mission for their respective countries.

Salman Khan is the best espionage agent of India’s Research and Analysis Wing(RAW) and is known as Tiger by his colleagues.He is sent on a mission to observe the activities of a Pakistani scientist and comes across the pretty Katrina Kaif aka Zoya. The inevitable happens and both have a crackling chemistry which draws them close to each other, despite the fact that they are working for rival groups.

The rest of the story is gripping and action packed as both Tiger and Zoya endeavor to start a life of their own but are hounded by the nation’s top spy wings, who are afraid they may spill the beans and prove dangerous for their country.

Ek Tha Tiger is a fast paced action film that has plenty of wow moments due to the sheer magnetism of Salman Khan. Katrina Kaif is compelling and proves to be a stunning stuntswoman, who matches Tiger in most of the action sequences.Their chemistry is vibrant and sweet and is a definite plus for the film. While some portions of the film tend to drag a bit, the amazing action scenes more than make up for these by their audio visuals and thrilling sequences.

Ek Tha Tiger borders between a love story and an action film.It is an entertaining movie with lots of action packed scenes that prove to be exciting and a treat to watch. Whether it is a train being stopped in time to save a child, or jumping from a high-rise building on to a heap of trash, Salman Khan looks every inch the macho figure he is renowned for.

The entire movie is set in a rugged background with pleasing cinematography. With few songs as compared to other Bollywood movies, the story moves forward with a no nonsensical attitude. The belly dance by Katrina Kaif at the end of the movie is a treat to watch and most of the cinema goers will not leave their seats till the song ends.Katrina proves that she is not just a decked up doll but is a woman as powerful as Charlie’s Angels and does a convincing job in most of the stunts.Salman Khan proves yet again why he rules the box office while Katrina continues to be the lucky charm for every movie that she acts in.

Ek Tha Tiger is every inch a Bollywood film with touches of James Bond in terms of stunts and action. It has crossed the 200 crore mark within just two weeks of its release and has been lapped up by all Bollywood fans all over the globe. Simply put, the Tiger roars with a bang and is expected to continue to do so in the coming weeks.


Starring: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif
Releasing: 15 August 2012
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Directed by: Kabir Khan
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  1. Hurray for Bollywood. I love this stuff.

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