F&B’s Review of 99 cent Books: Endgame, USA?

Endgame USA? a 99 cent book on AmazonReview of Endgame, USA?
by Edward A. Lawrence

F&B’s 99 cent Review Picks
To help promote indie authors and self-published authors, we occasionally review titles that we consider “below market value”, for example 99 cent ebook titles. We pick the ones that we consider worth far more than their ticket price.

By Tamara Wilhite

Endgame, USA?
is a novel written by first time author Ed Lawrence. Playing off of the current economic fears and upcoming 2012 chaos, in whatever form it may take, Endgame, USA? is a worthwhile read for fans of survival fiction. As a fan of the genre, I give this book four stars.


* Endgame, USA? is imaginative look at the worst case fears of many conservatives, the loss of freedom in the United States after the chaos of an economic collapse and attempted pacification by U.N. Peacekeepers.
* Though it includes classic survivalist scenes reminiscent of the works of J.R. Rawles, it includes more humor and character development than many of Mr. Rawles’ stories.
* Endgame, USA? focuses on long-term efforts to make the United States self-sufficient, as compared to fighting off the rest of the world.
* Endgame, USA? is a book unto itself. It wasn’t written with the hope of future sequels, so there is not a mess of storylines at the end left dangling without resolution.
* While there is a fight against an oppressive government and guerrilla warfare scenes, this book is not “gun porn”. You won’t find pages and pages of descriptions of weapons, bullets, sights and ammo. Nor has the author tried to use the book to teach lessons about survival. It’s a story, and it is written as such. And at roughly 250 pages, you’ll be able to enjoy it in a single evening.
* One lead character only reveals his true colors midway through the book. While some of the scenes within the intelligence agency are probably not realistic, they are fascinating.
* The budding love between two older characters is an interesting story arc in Endgame, USA? and is something you don’t find in many modern works of fiction. While there are young lovers, too, the courtship and love story of an older couple is realistically portrayed and something that older readers could enjoy while younger ones could learn from it.
* Luck does play a part in the success of the rebellion, but it does not strain credibility.
* There is discussion of tactics and guerrilla methods, but there is no “war porn” or graphic descriptions of bodies blown to bits. The book is PG or PG13, safe for anyone to read.
* Endgame, USA? is available on Amazon.com for just 99 cents.


* The book would benefit from more development of the female characters than simply existing as alternately competent, professional, beautiful, supportive or motherly. The female characters are based upon stereotypes of a prior era, elegantly described but lacking personal depth contained in the male characters.
* While there is some effort to add depth to the foreign characters, some stereotypes bleed through. The book would have benefited from a deeper look at these characters’ thoughts instead of shifting to a third person perspective when they were featured in the book.
* Ed Lawrence is a retired engineer and avid amateur radio operator. His technical expertise is clear in the reading.
* This book is only available through Amazon Kindle. You can get Amazon Kindle for your PC or handheld device, but this may limit its availability to interested readers.

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  1. Edward Lawrence says:

    Well, I’m the Edward Lawrence who wrote “Endgame, USA?”, and I just read the review. I must say that it is a fair review, both Pro and Con. I had previously started several stories, but they remain unfinished. The reason that I finished this one is entirely due to a program called “Snowflake”, available at a modest cost. It helped me define my characters better, and that was my major block. I wish I had more time to rewrite some bits, but I had no local support. Still, I think it is a good read. Just don’t take it too seriously!

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