F&B Bollywood Review: The Joker

Bollywood release Joker

Joker, a new Bollywood release (Aug 31, 2012), disappointed our reviewer, earning only 2 out of 5 stars.

By Kandi Lee

Rating: 2 out of 5 (optimistically rated)

One of the most panned, and arguably one of the worst, Bollywood movies to come out in a while is The Joker. The movie is billed as a fantasy, but it is immediately evident it’s more of a crass comedy.
Arskay Kumar stars as Agastya, a Nasa scientist and Sonakshi Sinha plays his girlfriend, Diva. This Hindi language film is directed by Shirish Kandar, and released August 31.
The plot of the film is as thin as tissue paper and quite unbelievable. Normally, in Bollywood spectacles, lack of credibility isn’t a killer. Here, it is deadly.

Agastya receives a call to head back to his village to help his aging father. He and his girlfriend Diva returns to his native village of Paglapur—already not much of a set up.
Upon returning to the village Agastya finds the village besieged by problems—-and he, apparently, is to be its savior. They have no electricity, the dam is breaking and the villagers say they are being visited by aliens. Now, here, it could have all spun into hilarity and fun times: several weird, uncanny, situations, and many crazy adventures ensue. Sadly, the slapstick is too hard-hitting, and the fantasy is too silly.
Our hero, looking to help them in any way he can, finds the situation too much for him. Instead of hilarity, I found myself wincing at the clumsy setups.
Perhaps the worst sin of all for a Bollywood contender —— this film’s music is a yawn, consisting of vocal tracks written almost exclusively by the director, Kandar.

Cast and characters of Joker, a Bollywood film

Despite promising set ups, critics pan Joker as not funny.

The instrumental track is better than the vocal, which is rare for a Bollywood movie.
Some of the other items about this movie that don’t quite seem to make sense is the acting and the scenes in the movie. They have been called crappy and imbecile. It is a movie that seems to have jokes that are not particularly funny, and plot lines that do not make a lot of sense.
Sorry to say, except for diehard “must see every Bollywood movie” fans, this will be a disappointment to most.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some promising moments in the movie, but they’re overwhelmed by a clumsy script, weak humor, bad setups and even so-so music.Too many gimmicks, not enough story spoil a concept that could have worked.
Really, only the set up premise is somewhat interesting. Even for diehard Bollywood fans, save your money.
As for myself, I would rate this movie no more than 2 out of 5 stars in favor of an interesting idea and some small highlights.

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  1. Terry Bracken says:

    Akshay’s best role thus far was Namaste London, in which he played a romantic lead similar to Cary Grant. (Hope he reads this!)

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