The Toronto Film Festival Promises Big This Year

Toronto Film Festival

Toronto Film Festival is one of the most anticipated film fests in the world. Every year big name movies and big name stars show up to mingle with the creative stars of the show — indie film makers.

By Shannon Bratt

The 2012 edition of the Toronto Film Festival, or TIFF as it is known, promises big releases, big names and big ideas this year. Running from September 6-16, the film festival will feature a large variety of movies from Canada and from many other parts of the world. Many of these films—as expected—will make their world premieres or Canadian premieres at the festival, often with big name stars on the red carpets for the debut.

Above: The trailer for the much anticipated ABCs of Death, an indie highlight of the Toronto Film Festival.
Indie Films
Film festivals, above all celebrate creativity, and for this reason showcase many indie films. Indies may not be as slick or big budget (and unlikely to be 3D!) but they are among the most creative. One don’t miss indy movie is the ABCs of Death. This horror anthology features more than twenty filmmakers showcasing twenty-six different unusual and occasionally funny ways to die. Caught in a Web, Chen Kaige’s new film about cyberbullying, is also expected to make a splash among indie movies here.

Above: Looper airs at the festival Sept 6, opening day.

And some big names
The Toronto Film Festival promises to showcase a variety of big-name film makers. On September 6 the festival will air Looper, Rian Johnson’s new sci-fi thriller. The festival will also screen the Master, Paul Thomas Anderson’s highly-anticipated drama, on September 7.
Cloud Atlas, a sci-fi epic with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, will open on September 8. The same day, the much anticipated Hotel Transylvania, Genndy Tartakovasky’s new animated feature with run. These movies will be aired a few times during the festival.
David O. Russel’s newest film, Silver Linings Playbook, will also be at the TIFF. It will debut on September 8.
Another film of note is To the Wonder, the newest film from mysterious filmmaker Terrence Malick. It will premiere on September 10.
Practically every movie genre is represented in this festival. David Ayer’s End of Watch, a found-footage action movie, will be airing a few times during the TIFF.

Above: Silver Linings Playbook from David O. Russel debuts Sept 8 at TIFF.

A number of documentaries will be airing at the TIFF. These include Venus and Serena, a new documentary that takes a look at the Williams sisters of tennis fame. Another documentary of note is the Secret Disco Revolution, that deleves into how disco music became a liberation movement for many people in the 1970s. Spike Lee’s Bad 25, which celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary, and Michael Jackson’s Bad, will also be airing here.

Mumbai Theme
Most interesting in TIFF, I think, is the City to City thematic series, which will showcase will films by city. This year’s chosen city is Mumbai. The TIFF Kids programme will feature family-friendly films including the Canadian premiere of Finding Nemo 3D.

Short Cuts Canada will showcase a variety of short films from filmmakers all around Canada. Vanguard will feature several sensual and provocative films including Room 237 and Peaches Does Herself. Midnight Madness will also showcase some interesting action, fantasy and horror films including Dredd 3D and John Dies at the End.

The Toronto International Film Festival should be an exciting festival this year. It will feature a number of highly-anticipated films alongside a number of indie films that will be making their big releases here in Toronto.

The festival will take place in a variety of venues around Toronto. There will be a few showings at the Roy Thomson Hall, Visa Screening Room at Elgin and the Ryerson Theatre among many others. A few multiplexes, including the Cineplex Yonge and Dundas, will also be airing movies.

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