F&B: 37th Toronto International Film Festival Debuts 38 Films

TIFF opens in Toronto September 6-16

TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival 2012, runs from September 6-12 and promises to be the best ever, with the best films and debuts from around the world.

By Matt Anderson

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival Highlights

The 37th Toronto International Film Festival is back, and this time it promises to be even more diverse and inclusive than before. TIFF, as it’s affectionately known, runs from 6th to 16th September 2012, and the big change this years seems to be even more international content and debuts.
The excitement began when the CEO of Toronto International Films Festivals (TIFF), Piers Handling and the Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey made the initial announcement showcasing the diversity of movies.
The announcement included 17 Galas and 45 Special Presentations. There will also be 38 international premieres by the world’s leading directors.

Above: English Vinglish is one of the most anticipated films at Tiff, an often hilarious, certainly heart-warming film that should appeal to anyone. Filmed in three languages—Hindi, Tamil & Telugu—English Vinglish is directed and written by Gauri Shinde.

TIFF’s reputation second only to Cannes
TIFF has always enjoyed a reputation, perhaps second only to Cannes, for International film excellence and premiering films. It is a lucky time to be a resident of Toronto, although TIFF historically draws very large crowds from around the world to the event, including gala appearances by super stars and film makers. For those considering the trip, this year’s agenda makes it well worthwhile.
Among the directors who will have their movies premiere at the Toronto Film Festival are Ben Affleck, Noah Baumbach, Stuart Blumberg, Andrew Adamson, Josh Boone, Maiken Baird, David Ayer, Laurent Cantet, J.A. Bayona, Roger Michell, Ruba Nadda, Sally Potter, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, Eran Riklis, Nishikawa Miwa among many more.

Above: Piers Handling and Cameron Bailey announce the Toronto International Film Festival lineup, including 38 international debuts.

TIFF best known for international film
Although the Toronto Film Festival premiers the works of major filmmakers, TIFF is best known for featuring the bold and adventuresome works from up-and-coming filmmakers and directors—and also for screening films from around the world. The Gala programme will be the most diverse ever with inclusions of films from Asia, the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Italy and Denmark.
For the first time ever, a film without any Canadian roots will be taking over the role as the Gala opening film. This deviates from the tradition of leading with Canadian titles or documentaries for the opening.
Much anticipated Looper opens TIFF
Looper will be the Gala Opening film for this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Among the movies premiering under the Galas title are:
Royal Affair
• The Company You Usually Keep
• English Vinglish
• Dangerous Liaisons
• Free Angela
• Great Expectation
• Hyde Park on Hudson
• Inescapable Ruba Nadda
• Jayne Mansfield’s Car
• Looper
, and many more.

Above: Trailer for the much anticipated gala opener, Royal Affair

Special presentations titles
Under the Special Presentations category premieres, many highly-anticipated films will air, including:
At Any Price
• A few Hours of Spring
• Anna Karenina
• The Attack, Byzantiu
• Capital, Cloud Atlas
• Caught in the Web
• Dormant Beauty
• The Deep
, and many more movies.
Documentaries important at TIFF
As always, Toronto Film Festival will screen many documentaries, including a Michael Jackson documentary written and directed by Spike Lee. The Jackson documentary Bad 25 will be playing marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the 1987 album by Michael Jackson, Bad. The films feature footage shoot by MJ himself.
Song for Marion by Vanessa Redgrave will take high profile spot of closing the Toronto Film Festival. Marc Webber’s Emperor, starring Tommy Lee Jones playing General Douglas MacArthur—focused on the aftermath of the 2nd World War when Japan was defeated—will also be showing at the festival.
With such diversity expected, it is obvious that this year’s TIFF will be one of its kind and definitely much bigger than before.

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  1. Rooting for English Vinglish. Sridevi rocks!!!!

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