The Great Kabir Khan Has a Hit with Ek Tha Tiger Played by Salman Khan

Kabir Khan at a promo for Ek Tha Tiger

Kabir Khan, one of the hottest properties in Bollywood, promoting his blockbuster release Ek Tha Tiger, which stars Salman Khan.

by Aris Jay

Kabir Khan is one the brightest stars in indie films and Bollywood. The launch of the blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger, starring Salman Khan, only solidifies his preeminence among trending Bollywood directors.
From film student to director overnight
He went from film student, a graduate of Kirori Mal College Delhi University, to acclaimed director almost overnight, creative in almost any role: camera operator, screenwriter, and film director. What sets him apart from his peers is an eye for the scene, a keen sense of visualization that translates into scenes that are both mesmerizing and credible.
Unlike many directors, who eschew believability for spectacle, Kabir Khan is known for his ability to depict real life. This may have evolved from his first experience as the cinematographer on the documentary film entitled Beyond Himalayas on 1995 and aired on Discovery Channel. Fresh out of school, he made his mark in this documentary.
Kabir Khan dominates documentary genre
Kabir Khan, staying in the documentary genre, moved on to direct another film entitled The Forgotten Army on 1999. This breathtaking documentary proved to the industry that he could take the director’s chair, despite—at that time—his lack of experience. The base of the story grants him the chance to direct this superb documentary. His documentary films continued to be hits as he directed The Titanic Sinks in Kabul on 2001 and The Taliban Years and Beyond. These marvellous documentaries, perhaps, paved the “realism” tone of his directorial style, blending both beauty and credibility.
Here comes Bollywood
Khan continued to make his mark in Bollywood, with Kabul Express in 2006 and New York in 2009.
Ek Tha Tiger, in current release, may become the biggest box office winner of all time in Bollywood—already the second highest grosser in Bollywood—again proving his “chops” as one of the best indie film directors. The film stars the ever-popular Salman Khan, and is a thriller-romance. Khan plays a “one-man-army” for the spy organization RAW, but little does the government know he’s a lonely man, in need of love.
Opposing spies fall in love, creating chaos in this complex story of spy versus spy. Salman Khan’s character, on a mission to prevent a murder, falls in love with the spy from Pakistan, played by Katrina Kaif.

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  1. No matter what salman khan is the best. Blockbusters in 80’s maine pyar kiya. 90’s hum apke hain kaun bigest film for seven yrs oo’s hit films no entry , partner , tere naam , wanted etc. Nd 10’s 4 all time blocbusters dabangg ready bodyguard nd tiger. Which PROVES he is the best. Srk is no were near he made ddlj n kkhh which were gud nowadays he’s made fuk all he aintt badshah any1w wiv sense will no dat.

  2. says:

    Muneeb ur 110% rite. Salman is king khan. Srk is aamir khans dog. Hahaahahahahahahahaha

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