Ek Tha Tiger : Go for it and feel the Salman Magic

The hottest star in Bollywood Salman Khan stars in hit movie Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in action in the action blockbuster movie Ek Tha Tiger, a Bollywood box office champ.

Film Rating: 4 out of 5 for everyone; 5 out of 5 for Salman Khan fans!
By Nirmal

Salman Khan is the ‘Rajnikanth of North India’ . This man is an audience’s actor and he always delivers his performance in style. Fans will queue up in multiplexes and cinema halls and they will enjoy the real mash up with their super star.
Pakistan bans movie, increases popularity
Ek Tha Tiger, the most awaited Salman Khan Flick of the year, has been ruling the headlines since its announcement and the hype increased when Pakistan government banned the movie in their country. The movie is directed by Kabir Khan under the banner of Adithya Chopra and it finally hit the screens on the auspicious Independence Day, August 15.

Salman Khan a Tiger
Salman Khan (Tiger) plays the role of a RAW (Secret Service of India) agent in Ek Tha Tiger. He is highly nationalistic and he loves India more than his life and soul. He is determined to kill and defend enemies who are planning to betray India. The movie get kick started when Tiger conducts his dangerous mission in Iraq. This scene is accompanied with breath taking gun shots and mind blowing action sequences. The introduction of Salman Khan is a real visual treat for his fans and they will keep that scene in their mind forever and ever.

Salman Khan superstar in Ek Tha Tiger Bollywood hit

Salman Kahn as super spy in Ek Tha Tiger plays a suave, often funny, definitely classy character that audiences won’t be able to get enough of.

Later, Tiger (Salman Khan) moves to Dublin, Ireland for a particular mission. He has to keep a watch on a scientist turned professor, Kidwai ( Roshan Seth) whom RAW suspects as a terrorist who works for the enemy nation. During this mission Tiger meets Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who works as the caretaker of the professor. Tiger’s hard heart started flying and soon he falls in love with Zoya. Tiger is a secret agent and he is not supposed to reveal his identity to anyone. He started fighting for his country and lover simultaneously and rest of the movie is highly unpredictable in nature and is full of twists and turns.
Ek Tha Tiger is all Salman
‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is an all and all Salman show. He has excelled in acting, dancing and in action sequences. His charm is visible in each and every shot and it is a real treat for his fans. Katrina Kaif was okay as Zoya as she is doing the roles of same genre for umpteenth time. Co actors like, Ranvir Shorey, Girish Karnad and Roshan Seth did their roles to perfection.
Katrina Kaif is sexy and humorous in Ek Tha Tiger

Katrina Kaif is sexy, funny and irresistible in Ek Tha Tiger. She completes Salman Khan in the movie, her yin to his yang, a perfect combination.

Kabir Khan at the top of his game as director
Kabir Khan, the director of the movie has done an excellent job in Ek Tha Tiger. The direction is top notch and the narration is highly gripping in nature. The visuals is highly impressive and the song sequences are shot in exotic locations. The editing is crisp and it acts as a catalyst in increasing your adrenaline secretion. The dialogues are power packed and it creates some sort of nationalism in the minds of viewers.
The music of this movie by Sohail Sen is cool and it captures the minds of viewers. Songs like Mashallah and Lappata are already hits and are ruling the charts. The background score by Julius Packiam is brilliant and it sinks to the mood of the movie.
My opinion: go see it
Altogether, this movie will satisfy an average movie goer to a great extend. It is packed with all the elements required for a mass masala
entertainer. ”Go for it and enjoy the Sallu Magic”

Kabir Khan: Director
Adithya Chopra: Producer
Sohail Sen: Music

Salman Khan : Tiger
Katrina Kaif:Zoya

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  1. Syed Kiyanoosh says:

    I have already seen ETT 2 times in USA. LIked it immensely. A superbly entertaining movie with sizzling dazzling seductive sexy Pari Rani Katrina performing romance and actions, Salman is too good , turned into a demo-god . Four Excellent songs- Laapata +++++, Saaiya +++++, Banjara ++++, Masallah- ++++++. Editing, photography, Direction – Excellent. Kabir Khan is an astute, talented story teller. A very well knit, tight movie. Worth seeing ten times ! Hats off to Yash Raj Films, Aditya Chopra and Kabir Khan especially. Kabir, you are really KABIR -BIG. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  2. Ultimate Review…………Thanks

  3. Ultimate Review………

  4. Arshi Khan says:

    its a nice mvie n sallu is looking awesome as usual…………

  5. Feroz Khan says:

    Salman Khan is the ‘Rajnikanth of North India’ … who iS Rajnikant…? Salman Khan is Salman Khan for entire India and WORLD…

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