Leave Your Brain Behind, if You Watch Joker: Film Review

UFOs in Indian Village becomes the comedy situation for Bollywood's Joker

Akshay Kumar cooks up a wacky scheme to create “alien encounters” as a way to save a village in a far-fetched but interesting plotline for Joker. Unfortunately, aside from Akshay’s acting and the plot idea, most of the film falls flat.

Another Look at Joker
By Nirmal

Many people in Indian film industry believe that music can save the whole film. Here comes music to the rescue of an otherwise terrible movie. I can remember many prominent examples of this, such as Murder 2, Mohabattein, and many others.
Filmakers are starting to understand that audiences are highly selective and want a movie worth their money. Ominously, Joker followed this pattern. Joker, the second directorial venture of Shirish Kunder which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role dominated the headlines for the past six months—but the hype was driven by chart-topping music.
Now, the moment of truth. On 31st August 2012 Joker released. As a promising footnote, this is reportedly the 100th movie of Akshay Kumar. But does the heavy emphasis on music presage a movie that falls short from the expectations? First off, the wild story concept is promising, suggesting hilarity to come.
But does it fulfil? Here’s my take.

Aliens Come to Town
Akshay Kumar (Agasthya), the lead character in the movie works as a scientist in NASA. He lives in New York with his wife Diva, Sonakshi. One day Agasthya receives a telephone call from his village in India reporting that his father is seriously bed ridden. A shocked Agasthya boards the flight to India. From this point on, the story jumps to the location of Pagalpur, the village in which Agasthya.
Agasthya is shocked again when he finds out his father’s illness was a fabricated; he was actually called to the village to help the fellow villagers facing a serious problem.

Akshay Kumar in Joker is Comedy Perfect. He almost saves the film.

The village is suffering a drought because a new dam obstructs the river from flowing through Pagalpur. Agasthya swings into action, first approaching corrupt government officials to solve the problem; of course all of these are in the pockets of villains.
Agasthya, the clever and cunning scientist from NASA, then devices a ludicrous plan to save his village by fabricating news that the village is a landing site for alienist.
Potentially, lots of complications and fun could develop from this wacky idea.
Joker almost overdoes the comedy and music at the expense of story

Joker almost overdoes the slapstick and music at the expense of story.

Director Lets Down Story
Shirish Kunder, the director the movie seems to struggle with some of the basics of film making and editing (my opinion, okay?).
This film fails miserably as Shirish tries to create not-credible world filled with Jokers and idiots. Even in comedy—I would say all the more so—credible characters are still important.
Akshay Kumar cooks up a sheme to bring attention to ailing village in Bollywood Comedy.

Akshay Kumar cooks up a scheme to bring attention to ailing village in the Bollywood Comedy Joker

Akshay Kumar Almost Saves the Film
Akshay Kumar does his best with what he’s given. He plays his role perfectly, and he deserves a special applause for making the most of a bad situation. The slapstick is executed brilliantly. Sonakshi Sinha has nothing much to do and isn’t very engaging. The music in this film is ordinary, not as special as the charts would indicate in my opinion. Chitrangada proves herself capable playing a seductive girl.
Overall: Some Laughs and Akshay, Not Much Else
Altogether, this movie will not satisfy an average movie goer looking for slapstick comedies. This is far behind a Dostana or Golmal and the theatre reports shows that the movie is a big disaster. If you are an Akshay Kumar fan, go for it, you might get something to laugh and chill. In other words, I feel the film has an interesting plot and Asksha Kumar, and not much else to recommend it.

Shirish Kunder: Director
Farah Khan, Akshay Kumar: Producer
GV Prakash Kumar: Music
G Dagaonkar: Music

Akshay Kumar: Agasthya
Sonakshi Sinha: Diva
Minisha Lamba: Tanya

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