Friends or Foes: Salman and Shahrukh?

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are rivals and have their own fans

Shahrukh Khan jokes on TV with Salman Khan, sparring in a friendly-rival manner. The relationship between these two superstars fuels the news and gossip and delights (or horrifies) some fans. Salman Khan stars in the recently released Ek Tha Tiger with Katrina Kaif. Shahruk will appear in a Yash Chopra directed film releasing November 2012.

My Take on the Relationship Between These Bollywood Rivals
By Barshapri Yadarshini

Editors note: This is an opinion feature from an independent contributor. Have your say by commenting below!

While Bollywood movie lovers all over the world go gaga when Shahrukh Khan delivers a romantic dialogue or when Salman Khan rips off his shirt, the antagonism between these two actors attracts enough attention—sometimes over shadowing the publicity on their films.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan joke with each other on KBC:

The age old tale of friends becoming arch enemies grabs the attention of one and all and there is much hoopla and debate regarding who will best whom in the next confrontation. The actors even resort to childish tactics to gain the upper hand.
Only recently there was much gossip about how Salman khan demanded remuneration of a rupee more for ek tha tiger than what shahrukh would have charged yash raj films had he done the film. A rupee more! As if Salman would be bankrupt if he did not have that rupee!

Shahrukh Khan speaks about Salman Khan:

There was a time when Salman and Shahrukh used to act like long lost brothers. But, when Salman barged into the sets of Chalte Chalte, Shahrukh’s home production, to get some face time with his ex-flame Aishwarya Rai who had recently dumped him, Shahrukh was angered by Salman’s rough manners. Due to this, Shahrukh signed Rani Mukherjee even though some portions of the film had been shot with aishwarya rai.

Salman Khan talks about Shahrukh Khan:

Infamous Katrina Kaif birthday scene
Next came the infamous Katrina Kaif birthday bash where the bottled up anger found a vent because Shahrukh had allegedly badmouthed Aishwarya Rai. This had angered Salman and Gauri khan had apparently dragged Shahrukh back in order to prevent the actors from indulging in a game of punches and kicks.

Shahrukh Khan friends or foe

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan delight fans with their friends-or-foes relationship, fueling gossip, news and publicity. Here, Shahrukh Khan praises Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif on the blockbuster launch of Ek Tha Tiger.

While Salman was drunk on his success back in those days and even had to spend some time in jail to come to terms with his lawlessness, he has become more responsible and mature now. Shahrukh, on the other hand, has more of a clean image which might explain the vast difference in the types of films both the actors do.
Shahrukh is King of Hearts
While Shahrukh Khan is the king of hearts, Salman khan is more of an acquired taste (my taste, I guess). Both are known for their ability to bring in the crowds. Still, the fact remains that shahrukh is a better actor than salman. Salman clearly struggles in emotional scenes and his acting is more of a flimsy and carefree nature. He has even resorted to displaying his body even when the scene does not demand it. Shahrukh has made a sensible choice in films and the audience is left mesmerized and sympathetic with the lead and his predicament. Shahrukh even has a hoard of best actor trophies to brag about as well.
King Khan Versus the King of Hearts Shahrukh

King Khan Versus the King of Hearts Shahrukh: fans love to debate who’s the king of Bollywood. Right now, Salman Khan’s box office showing with Ek Tha Tiger has his “running ahead” at least until the new Shahrukh film appears in November.

Salman and Shahrukh try their best to not cross each other’s paths and even if they do, they glare at each other all the while wishing that their vision was some sort of a death ray! Now, Bollywood movie lovers may like one better than the other, but all are eager and super-excited when it comes to seeing both Salman and Shahrukh together on screen.
Life is too short for hate and so these actors should try repairing the fences between them. Who knows what sort of miracle or apocalypse the world will see when Salman and Shahrukh come together? We can hope for the best.

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  1. they will definately be friends within next 3 years 🙂 Mark My Words.

  2. Well if you thought that SRK was the one who started to bad mouth aish then you are surely getting it wrong.The situation was something else and srk tried to cover up the growing war and so he decided to joke on aish as aish was already the past of salman.So he thought that if he jokes about aish then the fuelling battle would go silent but it did not.And he joked not bad mouthed.

  3. King Khan and King Of Hearts is still Shah Rukh. I don’t know how you are referring Salman as King Khan but I guess some people does like to imagine things. Salman has yet to prove his acting skills, calling him king is a bit much. If anyone can compete along with Shah Rukh it would be Amir Khan. IMHO.

    • Gourab Mukhopahyay says:

      I love both of them.I think they “should patch up.The “king”Tiger”..these names dont bother me and those are made by media..Sahrukh is definitely a good actor……But He is efficient in romantic films..neither in comedy nor in action..and he always gets fame doing YRF films an karn johar films jo romantic film hai..And he always try to copy delip kumar,Amitabh Bachan and nana patkr,,,.Though he is a goo actor.Salman does not copy anyone..he acts naturally.A thing is ,Salman should be a bit fastiidious about script of films.hHe does such films where there are no opportunity to act.But I am sure that he can act awesome and naturally that he did in Hum Dil de chuk sanam,Tere nam,Garv,No Entry,Dabang,Hum ap kai hai kaun etc etc…..Sahrukh gets opportunity to act good as he does film under YRF an karan johar..Same thing happened with him when he did Raone don2 with out a good story

    • are you sleeping Iza, srk is nothing compared to salman

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