Shahrukh Khan: Mild Mannered SRK, King of Hearts

Actor Profile
By Barshapri Yadarshini

I doubt Shahrukh Khan, the mild-mannered Delhi boy, imagined that he would one day become the virtually undisputed “King of Hearts” of the Hindi film industry. His name literally means face of the king. No irony there! To some, he is the king of Bollywood. Even his milder fans can’t get enough of him.
The LA Times called Sharukh “the world’s biggest movie star.” He is claimed to have billions—rather than humble millions—of fans. Today, he is CEO of a motion picture company, co-owner of a cricket team, and, around the world, a brand name. SRK, his nickname, is literally a brand name. Newsweek named him, in 2008, one of the 50 most powerful men in the world.

SRK stars in another Yash Copra Romance, said to be the hottest movie of 2012

Above: Shahrukh Khan, featured in the tease for the most anticipated movie from Bollywood this year, Yash Chopra
s romance. SRK will costar with Bollywood’s other superstar Katrina Kaif, and with Anushka Sharma. As yet, untitled, the tease (below) gives a provocative glimpse at a new hit movie in the offing.

Troubles for SRK
But SRK had to go through his share of troubles and challenges. The economics graduate from Hansraj College showed his wide talents and interests when he also pursued, thankfully, his talents at National School of Drama, Delhi.
From his role in the 1988 TV series, Fauji—at a mere 23 years old—to Yash Chopra romances, SRK has earned his way to the top on charm, acting ability and skill—and some good old fashioned good looks.

A “king” born to a Middle Class Household
SRK may now be one of the 50 most power men men in the world, but he was born to a middle-class Muslim family, November 2. The tragic loss of his father at the age of fifteen left him vulnerable. The loss of his mother in 1990, only two years after his success with Fauji, also affected him deeply. But tragedy must have inspired him to go on to become a man that his parents would have been proud of.
His marriage to Gauri Chibber, a Hindu in 1991 marked another turning point for SRK. Gauri is a Hindu, an interior designer and film producer who later gave birth to their son Aryan (1997) and daughter Suhana (2000).

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was on his maiden trip to Kashmir, expressed hope that his stay would encourage others to makes films in Kashmir. The superstar was in Kashmir to shoot for Yash Chopra’s yet untitled directorial venture, starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma

Debut and Awards
His debut in the film Deewana (1992) brought him the Filmfare award for best male debut—and grossed 14 crore (a hit!). Next came Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, a box office success. Then came films like Darr, Baazigar and Anjaam where his roles truly brought him fans, and he established a foothold in Bollywood.
SRK’s willingness to play darker roles, a murderer, an obsessive lover, only served to endear him to early fans, and proved his acting abilities.

SRK and Katrina Bollywood's hottest stars in a bathtub

Above: While waiting for the new SRK movie in November 2012, fans will be able to see the two superstars, Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, somewhat exposed in a Lux spot.

Awards, Awards, Awards
Baazigar also brought him his first of eight best actor awards. His string of hit movies continued with Karan Arjun, a big profit maker.
But it was Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (in English: The Brave Hearted Will Take the Bride), in 1995, that made him the sensation we think of today, arguably the best-known face throughout India. DDLJ went on to become the longest running film in Indian history and one of the big turning points in Shahrukh’s illustrious career.
SRK’s charm is his ability to cross genres, as competent and charming in comedy as in romance or an action thriller.
Best Actor
For Yes Boss, SRK was nominated for best actor award. Then, Dil to Pagal Hai brought SRK his third Filmfare best actor award. His films Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabbatein, Devdas and Chalte Chalte solidified his humble place at the pinnacle of Bollywood talent.
Success with a C
By any measure, Shahrukh is a success, whether commercial success—hit after hit, blockbuster after blockbuster—or as measured by the adulation of fans.
From Film work to Business Owner to Philanthropist
SRK probably has more hit movies to his credit than any other actor. The golden touch (or smile in his case) extends to success in business—CEO of a production company, co-owner of a cricket club, and on and on. And his generosity is well known, even if it is low key and sometimes nearly invisible. SRK does not like to be known for his charitable work, but he’s very active in many areas, from support of AIDS and cancer patients to the creation of a children’s ward at the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. He is regularly an ambassador for worthy government campaigns, including Pulse Polio immunization campaign. His work in Philanthropy is nearly as long a credit list as his films, but SRK rarely speaks of it.
SRK on stage dancing and singing

SRK is as comfortable on live stage as in front of cameras. He is a versatile favorite of fans, able to give award-winning performances in drama, thriller, romance or musical with equal passion.

Cute and Impish
His cute and impish charm has entered SRK to fans around the world, in the billions by some accounts, and he will always have a special place in the hearts of Hindi film goers.
His romantic performances in Mohabbatein and Chalte Chalte established him as the king of romance and he is adored by many fans as a romance idol. The king of hearts and his movies Veer Zaara and Kal Ho Naa Ho go deeper than the light romances, diving deep into character and emphasizing the ultimate form of love—willingness to sacrifice. His endearing portrayal of a wronged hockey player in Chak De India, and his performance in the movie My Name is Khan as a Muslim citizen of America suffering from mild asperger’s syndrome, brought most fans to tears.
Khan continues to rule the minds and hearts of the whole of the Indian subcontinent and he is almost certainly one of the ones who has made Hindi films popular in Western countries. He was rightly honored with the Padmashri.
Though he has scaled the highest mountain and is undisputed king of Bollywood (at least to me), Shahrukh Khan will only continue to grow in popularity.

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  1. In your article, it is mentioned as …”His endearing portrayal of a wronged hockey player in Chak De India, a Muslim citizen of America suffering from mild asperger’s syndrome, brought most fans to tears”…. Please include the movie name ‘My Name is Khan’ that describes his character of a Muslim citizen of America suffering from mild asperger’s syndrome

  2. Barack Obama (USA) says:

    Shah Rukh Khan Baap Of Bollywood……Universal Mega Star….& Ranveers Singh Will Gonna Be The Next SRK

  3. I’m completely agree wid u; & YES SRK IZ THE KING

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