TIFF: The First Five Days

Toronto International Film Festival: The First Five Days
By Shaungui Dotti

The Toronto International Film Festival was at it again this year by producing one of the greatest film festivals this year. Hollywood and independent film stars and avid movie fans flock to Toronto to attend this leading and exciting public film festival. Every year and during the month of September, the TIFF screens over 300 films from over 60 different countries around the world.

Below: Selena Gomez of Spring Breakers on the red carpet Toronto Film Festival 2012:

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival was 37th one and was held on the 6th of September all the way to September 16, 2012. If you want to find out what happened during the first 5 days of the festival, read on, as we will be giving you a brief overview on the opening week of the festival.

Below: Ice T, producer of Iceberg Slim Portrait of a Pimp on the red carpet at Toronto Film Festival:

The First Day

The event got an exciting start with many prestigious actors gracing the red carpet. It was only the first night but fans already got a glimpse of some of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis, Kirsten Dunst, Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were all spotted on the red carpet to attend the festival, along with other celebrities. Looper by Rian Johnson was the film chosen for the opening of the TIFF. Looper is an intelligently made movie that involves sci-fi and a lot of action. Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in this movie along with Bruce Willis.

Below: Seven Psychopaths hit the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival 2012:

The Second Day

For the second day of the festival, Argo and Anna Karenina were the highlights of the event. Argo is a film directed by the famous actor Ben Affleck, giving a try to create something along the lines of Ocean’s Eleven. Ben Affleck is also the leading actor of his own movie, a move he has previously done on The Town. Following Argo is a film by Joe Wright, which is also an adaptation of the famous and large Russian novel by Leo Tolstoy. Joe Wright pairs up with Keira Knightley, who is no stranger to adaptations for classical novels. While Anna Karenina received positive reactions from audiences, Argo was tipping between being a weak movie and a clever action flick.

Below: Highlights from the Red Carpet Sept 7:

The Third Day

Even during the third day of the TIFF, starts were still flowing on the red carpet. Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Grant, Selena Gomez were seen in glamorous gowns and suits to head out to the festival. One fan even managed to score an autographed volleyball from Tom Hanks. Spring Breakers by Harmony Korine was the opening film for the third day. This film stars a rather unusual combination of actors like James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Next up was the Silver Linings Playbook film by comedy filmmaker David O Russell. This heartwarming movie stars Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Tucker Appear on the Red Carpet

The Fourth Day

On September 9, 2012, during the fourth day of the festival, big names were still found milling about towards the Toronto Film Festival. Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Will Smith, Angela Davis, Jayden Smith were seen gracing the red carpet to the delight of many fans. Even Kate Hudson was still present during the fourth day. Directed by Roger Mitchell, Hyde Park On Hudson is an excellent movie starring Bill Murray portraying as famous political figure FDR. The next movie played was the independent film Sightseers by Ben Wheatley. This film is a low-budget crime movie that has a touch of a comedic side to it. This movie was highly acclaimed most especially because of its tragic and ironic ending.

Below: Colin Farrell chatting about Seven Psychopaths:

The Fifth Day

For the fifth day of the TIFF, a Thomas Vinterberg movie entitled The Hunt, which followed by movie Seven Psychopaths by Martin McDonagh. The Hunt had underground yet excellent actors like MadsMikkelsen and Annika Wedderkopp. The Hunt is a gripping movie to watch which boils down to a symbolic finish. The fifth day of the Toronto International Film Festival was just half of the 10-day festival, and many more excellent films followed as more stars flocked to witness the premiere screening of many movies.

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