Katrina Kaif: The Reigning Queen of Bollywood.

Profile by Barshapri Yadarshini

Katrina Kaif is always electrifying, her starring in Race. He sizzling personality, looks and engaging acting abilities propelled her to the top of Bollywood, the reigning queen of the box office.

Katrina in Two Major Films This Year
Katrina Kaif—the name has become synonymous with beauty to her countless fans in many countries. This year, with the release of two films with superstar leading men—Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan and an unnamed November release with Shahrukh Khan—her status as reigning queen of Bollywood is unchallenged (at least to her fans!)

Known for her beauty, smile, absolute elegance, flawless acting, and chemistry with other actors, Katrina is a superstar to many Bollywood fans.

Below: Katrina Kaif, Mashallah video song number from Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan:

Katrina’s abdomen became famous after her scorching performance as Sheila in Tees Maar Khan.

Katrina Born in Hong Kong
Fans do not care that she was born in Hong Kong to parents hailing from different countries. she has gone on to carve a niche for herself in the hindi film industry. Born on July 16th, 1984, she changed her surname to Kaif when she came to India from London. Her father is of Kashmiri Indian origin and her mother is of British descent.
Katrina Began as a Model at Fourteen
She started modelling at the young age of fourteen. Thereafter, she got her first part during the movie boom in 2003. Though she didn’t then understand much Hindi, her sheer determination neutralized this impediment, allowing the British actress to rise, film by film, in popularity. At that time, in 2003, no one would have guessed that she would go on to become one of the most popular actresses in Indian cinema. Worldwide, her now-famous face, is known by billions.

Below: A very sexy Katrina Kaif in Race, performing Zara Zara Touch Me:

Katrina Fame First Established with Humko Deewaana Car Gaye

Initially, in that boom film year, she did not fare well at the box-office. She would later become famous for her relentless pursuit of the role, and even performed cameos, notably in Sarkar. Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya launched Katrina as a mainstream actress, but it wasn’t until 2006, that Humko Deewaana Kar Gaye showcased Katrina’s true acting prowess and talent. Much praised for the role as Jia, Katrina quickly moved on to star in Namaste London—a huge hit. Katrina was again appreciated for her performance in this film. It was Apne, Partner, though, that made Katrina a familiar face in every household across india.

Below: Katrina speaks with an interview about her then-upcoming role in Apne, Partner:

Race was the next milestone in Katrina’s career. The sixth consecutive film of Katrina’s to get immense success was Singh is King.

Below: Katrina Kaif in Singh the King, a hit Bollywood 2008 film:

Katrina also starred in Hello and Yuvvraaj. Next came a nomination in the Filmfare best actress category. This established her permanent role as an A-List performer in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif romances the king of hearts Shahrukh Khan on stage, delighting live audiences. Shahrukh asks Katrina if he can romance her, and he shocks her when she says “No!” Smiling mischievously, she then proceeds to romance him.

Katrina Dubs Her Own Voice
Interestingly, and part of her charm internationally, Katrina dubs all her films in her own voice for English. Katrina Kaif shared great on screen chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Going Beyond Glamor
Katrina is indisputably the Queen of Glamor in Hindi films. But in Rajneeti Allowed Datrina, her flawless dramatic performance showed that she excelled in acting even non-glamorous roles.
Tees Maar Khan with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar came next and with Katrina a Shiela. Her gyrating dance number and her toned midriff in this film delighted fans, making her abdomen literally famous.

Below: Katrina Kaif in a famous role as Sheila in Tees Maar Khan made her abdomen famous.

Another commercial success was Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara. Her second nomination as best actress came for Ki Dulhan, where Katrina stands out, as always, for poise and style. Her dance number in Agneepath also made waves throughout India.

Below: Katrina Kaif sizzles onstage at Screen Awards 2012:

Ek Tha Tiger
Ek Tha Tiger became a box office champion, drawing crowds largely due to the great chemistry between Katrina and Salman Khan, her ex-boyfriend. Her upcoming releases include Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Dhoom 3 and Namak.

Below: Katrina Kaif kisses Shahrukh Kahn in a hilarious live spot at the 18th Annual Colors Screen Awards. Katrina rejects the famous romantic lead Shahrukh, known as the King of Hearts, to the delight of the audience. Then, turns around and romances, and kisses him:

The Queen of Bollywood
A Hong Kong-born girl, knowing very little Hindi went on to become the Queen of the box-office in Bollywood. This is no surprise, given her talent and looks and personality, yet it is a testament to her absolute hard-work ethic, perseverance and ability to connect with audiences. Through hard work and determination, she turned disadvantages into opportunities.

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