Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi May Have an Expiry Date

Love Has No Expiry Date: But This Film May
By Jeet

3.5 out of 5 Rating
(4 for Comedy, 3 for Romance)

Don’t get me wrong. I like this movie. It’s charming, funny and worth a watch. It’s just not a must see, for reasons I’ll try to explain. But you will enjoy it if you venture out to buy a ticket.

Boman Irani is funny, and engaging as a single 45-year-old looking for romance who still lives at home with Mom! His characterizations are funny and real

Middle-Aged Romance
In movies, middle-aged romance is rarely portrayed well. Most romances focus on “young” love (twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings). Defying trends, Shirin Farhan Ki To Nikal Padi—Love Has No Expiry Date—is a story of two forty plus lovers. Not to mention, a forty-five year old man who still lives at home with mom. A very promising set up for a charming romantic comedy.

Boman Irani as 45-Year-Old Single
Boman Irani plays as Farhan, a 45-year-old man who works in a a lingerie shop—he calls it a “panty shop”- still waiting to find his dream girl. He plays a very simple and shy Parsi man who lives with his mother played by Daisy Irani and his grandmother played by Shammiji. He’s charming in his naiveté.

Below: The theatrical trailer for romantic Bollywood comedy Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi

Then we have Farha Khan as Shirin a forty-year-old secretary of Parsi Trust. She is also waiting for her dream mate. Both meet a couple of times, fall in love against many humorous setups. But the real hilarity begins because of Boman Iranis’ mother, who will stop their romance if it kills her.

Classic comedy setup: Boman Irani misreads his girlfriend, played by Farha Khan.

Great Setups and Touching Love
Great setups wind through this fun movie. It’s a touching love story, too, and nice to see the middle-age romance, but the truth is that this film is first and foremost just plain funny. The setups are great, the laughs are many.

Farha’s classically funny reaction to Boman’s “nude” scene is funny. Farha excels at comic timing, but is weaker when it comes to romantic roles.

Seeing a disapproving mother trying to block middle-aged lovers—who act like teenagers–is unique and fresh. Mother and grandmother are both hilarious.

A Movie For Everyone
This is a movie for everyone. The humour is inoffensive and genuine, and even young lovers would find the story touching. It’s not a complicated set up, and a bit sit-com style in humour, and the story itself is not new. The characters bring alive the humour, especially Boman Irani and Farha Khan (being introduced to film in this feature).

Against some slapstick moments, never-the-less Boman Irani brings sincerity and warmth to his role. Farha Khan is funny, and comedy is a strength, but she’s less convincing in the tender moments.

The Weakness: Romance Not That Genuine
Therein lies the real weakness of this film. It tries for high comedy and warm romance, and succeeds mostly in the former. Had Farha worked harder at this important element of her character, this film would have gone to the next level. This is Farha’s move from director and choreographer to acting, but she will need to mature over time. She has the comedy down, but not the warmth.The film, of course, introduces many songs, mostly in dream sequences.

Overall: Worth a Watch
Overall this is a cute, funny movie but probably not memorable enough to stand the test of the long-run box office. If you’re middle aged, enjoy comedy, believe in love, its worth a watch. It’s just not a “must see.”

Producer-Sanjay leela Bhansali
Director-Bela Sehgal
Writer-Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Cast-Boman Irani, Farah Khan, Kurush Deboo, Shammiji, Daisy Irani
Producer-Sanjay leela Bhansali
Music-Jeet Gangul

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