Bloodsucking Korean Drama Vampire Prosecutor 2

The Bloodsucker’s is Back for More And it Doesn’t Suck
By Shaungui Dotti

4 out of 5 (early season rating)

So far, Vampire Prosecutor two, delivered on action, mood and blood sucking—to the delight of fans. Everything is an improvement over season one with more intense action, mystery, conspiracy and humor.

Below: Trailer tease for Vampire Prosecutor 2 (2012) airing on OCN and streaming on

Season Two Carries On the Formula
In the style of the original, the sequel so far has followed the proven success formula of the original, with extra doses of pure suspense and excitement. Yeoung Jung Hoon, in publicity interviews, teased fans by saying they should expect more excitement and humour in his role as the blood sucking prosecutor. So far, the ratings have somewhat lower than last season at 2.21% average (versus last year at 3.34%)—but growing after two episodes.

Oh, those vampire eyes! Vampire Prosecutor 2 offers up plenty of excitement, blood-sucking and thrills as a prosecutor, armed with vampire super powers, takes on criminals and his own conscience.

Fans Love Vampires

“I need more vampire!” writes one fan in an early review of Vampire Prosecutor 2 on With only 2 episodes streamed currently, there are already many reviews from members, averaging 5 stars out of 5.

Vampire Prosecutor, generally, revolves around with Min Tae Yeon, a prosecutor bitten by a vampire. Refusing to live the vampire way, he lives by drinking blood of those who have already perished. Of course, he puts his super powers to good use taking a bite out of crime.

Opens with Another Car Chase
The new season of Vampire Prosecutor started with a night car chase scene which is a reminiscent of the car chase on the first episode of the previous season—deliberately so. This brings fans, this reviewer included, back into the noir mood of the original Vampire Prosecutor.

Episode 1 opens with two men in the car, one of them is injured, being chased. In an exciting scene, their car is forced to a stop and armed men drag a man into their car.
Here’s where it gets more nourish. Enter the mad scientist scene (no, not literally). The injured man is brought to the laboratory and his blood is transfused. Chaos ensues as the injured man wakes up and throws the scientist and men around the room like weightless puppets. He’s either superman or super vampire. The scientist is prepared and brings down the super patient with a gun.

Cast Returns

Thankfully the cast is back, only the director changes. The lead, Yun Jung Hoon, carries the show, while Lee Young Ah—playing Yoo Jung Yun—plays a strong character, cute with brains. Hopefully the “brains” trend will continue, since Korean dramas are often light on clever female leads.

Dark and Bloody
Main character Tae Yeon (played elegantly and darkly by Yun Jung Hoon) must wrestle this season with bigger issues than in season one. In season one, the drama dug deep, into the psyche of a lawyer, suddenly a vampire, who has the lust to kill, but the conscience not to—at least innocents. It was dark and shrouded in a mysterious cloud revolving around his character.

Darker, Deeper and More Exciting

Season two promises to go darker and deeper into this interesting protagonist. And fans can rest assured, despite the director change, Vampire Prosecutor two, so far has been able to deliver on action, mood and blood sucking. Everything is an improvement: more intense action, mystery, conspiracy and humor.

New characters are also introduced, including a lady prosecutor, who is sure to be a character that many would love to hate and a new coroner who seems to know Tae Yeon’s is a vampire. With these new developments, season two started promisingly.

Vampire Prosecutor 2 offers up plenty of blood, vampire sensuality, humor and action.

Season One Popular
The Vampire Prosecutor was popular in Korea last season—sucking up the ratings a 3.34% average audience share (not blockbuster, but steady)—and is back as Vampire Prosecutor 2 for another season. The dark and exciting noir series will air eleven episodes every Sunday on OCN—slightly delayed on Drama Fever for International audiences.

Vampire Prosecutor ended on a high note for a cable drama show with a loyal following and fans asking for more. During the drama’s press conference, actors Yun Jung hoon (Min Tae Yeon) and Lee Young-ah (Yoo Jung In) indicated that fans can expect their character’s relationship to grow this season. The previous season focused more on other characters and stories.

The previous season revolves around a mysterious case that involved a vampire, with prosecutor Min Tae Yeon infected and learning to live with his blood lust. Plenty of super-vampire action ensued, and the series ended bathed in blood.

So Far, 4 out of 5

I’m rating 4 out of 5 for intense mood and action—I’ll admit to being a fan of dark supernatural thrillers.
Vampire Prosecutor premiered with 104 minutes of air time. Fortunately, the old crew of actors and writers should ensure a solid quality of episodes throughout the season.
But the previous director Kim Byung Soo left and was replaced by Yoo Seon Dong who directed successful cable dramas such as Queen In-Hyun’s Man and Death Bell.


Yun Jung Hoon as Min Tae Yeon
Lee Young Ah as Yoo Jung In
Lee Won Jong as Hwang Soon Bum
Lee Kyung Young as Cho Jung Hyun
Kim Joo Young as Choi Dong Man

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  1. This is a great korean drama series.

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