After 50 Years of Film Making Yash Chopra Still Creates Masterpieces

At 79-years-of-age, after 50 years of film making, Yash Chopra is the “prince of romance”, still pulling on the hearts and minds of billions of fans.

“Mr. Yash Chopra will never come back. Because he always resides in the hearts and minds of this country,” said Shahrukh Khan of the great Yash Chopra, regarding his come back after eight years hiatus (interview MoviezAdda). Films and Books honours the great master of the Bollywood love story, Yash Chopra.

By Pritha Banerjee

Yash Chopra is a name synonymous with romance in the Hindi film industry or Bollywood, as it is commonly known. The first Indian to be honored at the BAFTA awards, Yash Chopra is k very young at heart,despite being 79 years of age, totally in synch with audiences of all ages. His movies still stir the emotions of all people, young to old, with an uncanny and undeniable power.

After fifty years of film-making, Yash Chopra returns with his 21st film, the hugely anticipated Jab Tak Hain Jaan, starring Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.

What is the secret of Yash Chopra? “Love can never go out of fashion,” answered Yash Chopra, in an interview on LehrenRetro. “A movie is only good if it has a good story.”

The Prince of Romance
Often called the “Prince of Romance”, he even has a train named after him by Jungfrau Railways in Switzerland, one of the landscapes that looms large in his movies.

A recent exclusive interview with the great Yash Chopra:

First Yash Raj Movie
Starting his career as a director, Daag was the first movie he directed and produced under the Yash Raj banner. Daag—A Poem Of Love was adapted from the story The Mayor Of Castorbridge and starred Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna and Rakhee. Rakhee won her first Filmfare award for this movie.

Shahrukh Khan, a legend of film as a romantic lead, has this to say about the great Yash Chopra:

Wearing many hats he went on to produce and direct an long string of very successful films. A lot of actors and stars owe their epic rise and fame to Yash Chopra. The director is known for his humility and never takes credit for helping actor’s careers. From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan, from Rakhee to Kajol, he seems to have touched them all with a magic touch, ensuring their success film after film. In fact he was also instrumental in reviving and reinventing Amitabh Bachchan with the super hit movie Baghbaan.

Songs and Music Central
Songs played a vital role in the success of all his films. With a very keen ear for good music, Yash Chopra has never gone wrong with the selection of his songs and all have become super hits with the tunes finding their way to the lips of millions of Indians living not only in India but abroad also.

Yash Chopra Reminds us of Home
For those of us who are non-resident Indians, Yash Chopra makes us think of home, a link we have with our motherland. He also makes us think of love. Fans around the world have contributed to the phenomenal overseas success enjoyed by his films.

Eight Year Hiatus
The latest offering from the stable of Yash Raj Studios, Jab Tak Hain Jaan, marks his return as a director after eight long years. True, in these intervening years, Yash Raj Studios produced a lot of superb movies, some of which were directed by his worthy son, Aditya Chopra. The younger Chopra gave a new pair of wings to Yash Chopra’s dreams, and together they took Yash Raj Studios to dizzying heights. Truly, the father-son duo complement each other in their thoughts and ideologies.

Below: The new release from Yash Chopra in 2012 Jab Tak Hain Jaan:

The Rock of Bollywood
Married to Pamela Chopra, they have another son, Uday Chopra, who made his acting debut with Mohabbatein and went on to do super hit movies like Dhoom.

Yash Chopra is a bedrock in the ever changing world of Bollywood. His penchant for glorifying romance onscreen has in many ways, shaped the fame of Bollywood around the world. If you think of Bollywood romance, you think of Yash Chopra. Being young at heart himself, this 79 year old actor is able to rightly judge the pulse of the wants and needs of the audience, delivering hits one after the other.

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