Stephen Chow Goes Gangnam Style

Don’t miss this hilarious spoof of the spoofer. Gangnam style is already funny. Stephen Chow is funny. Put them together, and you get crazy.

Stephen Chow is famous around the world for his award-winning and hysterically funny Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, both featured cleverly in this video.

Spoofing Gangnam Style using footage from the king of spoofers Stephen Chow, here with a cleverly time scene from Shaolin Soccer.

Shaolin Soccer grossed $60 million in Hong Kong, and won best picture, best actor and best director at the 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards. It was an international hit in film festivals and made Stephen Chow a household name in North America and Europe. He has always been popular in Asia. Known for slapstick fun and crazy comedy, Chow is extremely popular in the biggest film audience in the world—mainland China.

Born June 22, 1962, he is a big fan of Bruce Lee—and often parodies him (respectfully) in his dramas. He has starred in or directed 66 films from 1988 to today. Before Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, his best remembered Hong Kong hits included Royal Tramp (based on the novel), King of the Beggars, and The Tricky Master. He has won everything from Film Festivals to Golden Horse Awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

To his fans, we just think of crazy fun, which meshed really well with Gangnam Style!

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