An Angel’s Choice: A Choice Drama for K-D Fans

Korean drama is famous for romance, melodrama, and complex characterizations. Arguably, character is the strongest and most appealing feature of k-drama, accounting for the extraordinary length of many series.

At 140 episodes, Cheonsa-ui Seontaek—or An Angel’s Choice as it translates to in English—is a drama that involves a gigantic investment in time. In this reviewer’s opinion, it is a worthwhile investment if you enjoy all of the hallmarks of great k-drama.

An Angels Choice stars Jeong Seong Un (left) and Choe Il Hwa (right)

An Angels Choice stars Jeong Seong Un (left) and Choe Il Hwa (right)

The story revolves around a young woman who lives her life intensely. The young woman, Choi Eun Seol is a married woman who endures her husband’s constant battery and betrayal—bolstered by a string of misunderstandings that make us totally sympathetic to her. This goes on for too long, but eventually, she takes the chance, breaks away, and ends up with a second chance on true love as well as happiness. None of this is possible without the help of her ever-caring family, who stay with her through the ups and downs and the darkest nights of her life.

Films-and-books-f&B-4An-Angels-Choice-An Angels Choice, starring Yun Hui Seok,left, and Go Na Eun,right

An Angels Choice, starring Yun Hui Seok,left, and Go Na Eun,right

Seol shows appealing determination in her career, a strong redeeming characteristic. She is a researcher in a leading cosmetics company. On the outside she appears to be cheerful and lively, despite the troubles with violent marriage—and endearing trait.

This drama as produced by Choi Chang Wook and directed by Son Hyung Suk and Jang Ui Soon. Inexplicably, despite the extraordinary scope of a 140 episode run, viewers are hooked and anxious for the next episode.

Trailer from Cheonsa-ui Seontaek—or An Angel’s Choice as it translates to in English:

Scriptwriter Suh Hyun Joo writes a compelling script, and masterfully manages the plot flows well, with judicious pace and plenty of conflict. As much as there is considerable suffering within the story, the writer lightens the mood with plenty of humorous moments.

The story involves 4 families: Eun’s family, Min Jae’s family, Sang Ho’s family as well as Yoo Ran’s family. The fates of these families are intertwined in the most complicated of ways but brought out in a very unique way in the drama.

An AngelsChoice starring Choe Jeong Yun

An AngelsChoice starring Choe Jeong Yun

The cast of this great drama from Korea are well known to fans of k-drama. Choi Eun Seol is played by the beautiful Choi Jung Yoon who has boasted some top honors in her acting career. Others include Jung Sung Woon, Yoon Hee Suk as well as Go Na Eun. With a top notch director, producer, script writer as well as a strong cast, An Angel’s Choice, engages audiences with pace, story, complex relationships and is showcased with in strong production values. If you are a fan of Korean melodrama, you will not be disappointed.

This drama consists of 140 episodes, the biggest obstacle to a casual fan of k-drama. However, in my opinion, this is one drama that you are definitely bound to connect with from the beginning to end as it encompasses issues we all deal with around the world, and in Korean, and in particular issues of women’s rights and issues. I rate it four out of five stars.

Four out of Five Stars
—E. Muchiri

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