Top 5 Best New and Upcoming Korean Dramas of 2013

Are you among the countless Korean Drama fanatics across the globe? The increasing popularity of Korean Dramas is not a big surprise since majority of them feature timely and intriguing scenarios. They also boast casts composed of talented actors who have dedicated themselves in honing their craft. New and upcoming Korean Dramas of 2013 promise more astonishing, funny, scary, and sweet moments including mind-blowing twists and turns. Can’t decide which one to start watching? Here is a list of the top 5 best Korean dramas of 2013 to serve as your guide. Browse through each review and discover why any of these drama series deserves to be called the best of 2013.

Lee Sung-Gi stars in Gu Family Book, a K-Drama

Gu Family Book is a blockbuster Korean Drama from Shin Woo-chul and Kim Jyung-Hyun, and Kang Eun-Kyung. Superstar singer-actor Lee Sung-gi stars.

Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book is a Korean drama series which features trust, deception, love, hatred, and various traditional Korean myths.  Thousands across the globe were easily drawn to stay tuned as the series displayed good acting and scenarios that are never seen before in Korean television during its pilot episode. The beauty of classic wardrobes featured in this Korean Drama series alone indicates how the production team worked so hard to make it all possible. This drama series is a collaboration of Korea’s top directors and writer namely Shin Woo-chul and Kim Jyung-Hyun, and Kang Eun-Kyung so its current success is not a big surprise. Added with a cast teeming with talent which includes Lee Sung-gi, Suzy, Lee Yoobi, Lee Sung-Jae, and Sung Joon, this series will surely take you to an unforgettable Korean drama journey.


Korean Drama All About Romance

All About Romance is a new 2013 drama starring Lee Min-Jung, Shin Ha-Kyun, Park Hee-Soon, Han Chae-Ah, and Jin Tae-Hyun.

All about romance

All about romance is another love story flick by the infamous director Son Jung -Hyun and writer Kwon Ki-Young. The story revolves around two individuals namely Kim Soo-Young and No Min-Young with different political affiliations falling in love with another. This drama highlights surprising scenes which never fails to leave audiences guessing and romantic moments that assure a worthwhile viewing experience for lovers. The cast includes established and promising Korean stars including Lee Min-Jung, Shin Ha-Kyun, Park Hee-Soon, Han Chae-Ah, and Jin Tae-Hyun.

Cast from Cruel City, a 2013 Korean Drama

Cast from Cruel City, a 2013 Korean Drama

Cruel City

Are you a fan of crime drama? Cruel city will surely entertain you most as it promises to be a perfect combination of tragedy, love, and everything in between. This drama is brought to us by two of the finest Korean directors namely Jang Yong-Woo and Lee Jeong-hyo. The series’ writer, Yoo Seong-Yeol successfully captured a considerable amount of audience even just after a few episodes as he delivered amazing and stimulating scenarios. This Korean drama series is all about a dedicated police who is willing to do everything for a mission to the extent of joining a gang and being an undercover agent. But can he carry out his duties while protecting the woman that matters to him most? With a robust story paired with a talented cast composed of Jeong Kyeong-ho, Nam Gyoo-ri, Kim Yoo-Mi, and Lee Jae-yoon-I, this Korean drama series truly deserves to be in this list and is expected to continue being one of the top for several months more.

Korean hit drama 2013 Dating Agency Cyrano

Korean 2013 Drama Dating Agency: Cyrano stars Sang-yong, Hee-joong, and Byeong-Hoon.

Dating Agency: Cyrano

The creative mind of Kim Heon-Suk paved way to the birth of a feel-good Korean drama series entitled Dating Agency: Cyrano.  This funny and heartwarming Korean drama installment features a small agency which claims 100% success in making people fall in love. The agency consists of energetic and self-proclaimed love experts who will do almost everything just to satisfy their clients and leave them with a happy love life. As the drama series blooms, the agent’s personal feelings start to get in the way with their business transactions as a love triangle among Sang-yong, Hee-joong, and Byeong-Hoon starts to develop. How will their agency survive despite love problems among their agents? This drama series also showcases a cast teeming with talented actors namely Lee Min-Jung, Park Shin-hye, Choi Daniel, Uhm Tae-woong, and many more.

Queen of Office is a 2013 Korean drama.

Queen of Office is a 2013 Korean drama.

The Queen of Office

Jeon Chang-Geun, a highly-acclaimed Korean drama director is the one behind the promising series entitled The Queen of Office. It is about the struggle of a temporary employee, Ms. Kim (Kim Hye-Soo), in building a relation with her prideful but experienced co-worker Jang Kyu-Jik (Oh Ji-Ho). These two promising employees started out as competitors but everything changed as they develop special feelings towards each other. The cast also includes other known Korean actors like Lee Hee-Joon and Jeon Hye-Bin.


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