About Indie Films & Books

Films & Books Magazine 2008 edition

In 2008, we looked like this, as we reached the milestone of 1 million words online in reporting.

Since 2006, Indie Films and Books zineaffectionately known to early audiences just as Films and Books or as F&B—has been bringing the latest news, views, and reviews on independent (Indy, Indie) motion arts and publishing. We’ve focused extensively, though not exclusively, on all the news from the indie scene, including news about film makers, authors, debuts, funding, deals, publishing news, emerging actors and any interesting story with a focus on indie. Ultimately, by popular demand, this led to featured coverage of Bollywood, Korean Drama and Asian Film. We also focus on worthy self-publishing or self-funded film projects.

Our original audience, mostly authors of books and Indie film makers, grew into thousands, some subscribing to the ezine, others joining the Ning social community, but most just enjoying the news here on our webzine.

Welcome to Films & Books—where the Indie’s are in charge! We’d love to hear from you. We publish many reader submissions. We act on most feedback.

Do you have a story you’d like us to consider? Or a submission you’d like us to publish to our subscribers (both ezine and webzine)? Please contact Films and Books with your ideas.

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