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In a Changing Publishing Market, Where’s an Indie to Go?

Publishers Group West is a distributor for indie book publishers

Publishers Group West is a distributor for indie book publishers

Distribution groups such as PGW (above) and Independent Publishers Group, scale up resources of independent publishers, allowing them to reach wider retail markets.

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Opinion by Asherry

Small indie publishers who can’t handle their own distribution due to scale and retail issues rely on distributors to get to market. Also, writers who are entering the industry need a reliable book publishing company to help them grow as writers or a distributor if they self-publish. From my own research, here are a few prospective indy-friendly resources to consider if you’re ready to find a distributor.

Independent Publishers Group
is a distributor that has displayed quality and dependable services, which people can rely on. Whether you are a new publisher or author, this company has risen above most competitors by offering exceptional services. With more than 41 years in the industry, the company has tailored its services to appeal all those who want to conduct business with them. Rewarded for their enormous contribution in the development of quality content, the company will remain a favorite for a very long time.

Publishers Group West is another major book distribution company that enjoys favor in the eyes of many indies. Termed as the largest book distributing and sale company in the US, it has played a major role in the development of the industry. Today, it is estimated to have worked with over 100 independent clients, besides publishing many titles that have made their way into the markets. The company is also known for setting the standard for excellence, by providing digital conversions and book venting services through out the country.

Lastly, Author Solutions is another company (perhaps a little less indie since they’re now owned by Penguin) that has given the writing community a reason to smile. The venue like any other depicts integrity, quality work and professionalism in all its dealings with its clients. It is engaged in book marketing, book publishing, writing services such as blogs and e-book and many more. Over the years, it has unveiled many opportunities where upcoming writers can venture to establish themselves in the industry. These are some of the many publishing companies that have left a mark in the publishing world. In closing, the market continues to witness a growing need for writers who are required to provide exceptional contents. It is this concern has given raise to the many publishing companies that have emerged in the recent past to fill that void.

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