RAAZ 3 Grips You and Won’t Let Go

Raaz 3 from Vikram Bhatt is a thriller that grips you and won’t let go. When two superstars become rivals, one resorts to black magic, with frightening results.

Vikram Bhatt’s Latest Thriller Does Actually Thrill
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If you enjoy spine-chilling, jaw dropping, thriller movies, then Raaz3—from Vikram Bhatt,one of the most esteemed directors of the Hindi movie industry— is a can’t miss. Launched September 7 2012, this blockbuster thriller RAAZ 3 is a sequel to the earlier thrillers ‘RAAZ'(2002) and ‘RAAZ: The Mystery Continues'(2002), both directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by the brothers Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt.

Below: The official trailer for the sensational supernatural thriller Raaz 3 from Vikram Bhatt:

However, this movie does not suffer from sequel-sitis, the condition where each sequel deteriorates with each iteration. Raaz 3 is probably superior to its predecessors. This new release stars many new faces like the sizzling hot Emran Hasmi and the very talented, and beautiful Esha Gupta. Not to mention the Bong beauty Bipasha Basu, who also featured in the first sequel RAAZ, opposite Dino Morea.

Raaz 3 is a Bollywood thriller that tempers it’s chills and frights with pervasive sexiness and sensuality. Ultimately, it’s is a classic love-hate theme.

Since its release on the September 7, 2012, this movie has drawn crowds to the theaters in swarms, all of whom wanted to see the hot steamy, chemistry between Emran and Esha. Not all critics have been overwhelming in praise, but it is consistently pulling good reviews. I’d rate this 3.5 out of 5 for non-thriller fans, and 5 out of 5 for thriller fans.

RAAZ 3’s tagline, ‘When Desires Turn Evil’, is dead on the theme; the movie does actually deal with the interplay of good and evil desires, and how it destroys lives.

The plot of the movie is very exciting and entertaining, ringing plenty of emotions through energetic scenes involving love, jealousy, hatred, and friendship. The story revolves around a successful actress Shanaya, played by Bipasha Basu, who is at the epitome of success and popularity when the movie starts. She gets one movie offer after the other and also falls in love with a young and handsome director, Aditya, played by Emran Hasmi.

Classical “gotcha” moments will make audiences jump in Raaz 3.

Stereotypical of the movie industry, and movie stars in general, she starts to loose that coveted status to a much younger actress Sanjana, played by Esha Gupta. Sanjana’s increasing popularity starts to jeopardize Shanaya’a booming career. Petty jealousy turns to rage and a thirst for revenge on Sanjana for sabotaging her success.

Shanaya’s evil desires soon break all bounds and she resorts to black magic, to destroy Sanjana and her career. In trying to move Sanjana from her way, Shanaya also does not hesitate to use Aditya as a pawn. Although the story is more or less predictable and one dimensional, in the genre of thrillers there are enough twists, turns and frights to make this less important to the viewer. Exceptional direction and editing, and gripping acting makes up for the shortcomings in the plot.

The chemistry between Esha Gupta and Erman Hasmi burns up the screen. Raaz 3 is a must see for thriller fans.

The music of RAAZ 3 fails to reach normal Bhatt standards, at least for fans who expect nothing but blockbuster songs from Bhatt’s films. Some of the songs seemed quite irrelevant and started abruptly in places where they weren’t at all needed. But all these let down’s are certainly made up for, by Bipasha’a extraordinary acting and good direction.

For thriller fans, a must see. For Bhatt fans, a must see. For everyone else, you probably should, too.

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