Who is Bollywood’s King Khan: Aamir, Shahrukh or Salman?

Three “Khans” dominate Bolllywood box offices: Shahrukh, Aamir — shown above — and Salman. Our feature writer makes his choice as to who is the King of Bollywood.

There’s no such title as King of Bollywood, but we put out the challenge to readers—who is the king? Is it Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan—the three best known superstars in Bollywood. Barshapri gives his opinion.

Who is the King Shah of Bollywood?

By Barshapri Yadarshini

“I have never believed that I’m a bigger star than Aamir and Salman. I will never be a bigger star than them. I truly believe that Aamir Khan is someone to learn from.” Salman Khan in an interview on Star TV.

Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman—the three Khans of Bollywood—have each built fan followings of literally hundreds-of-millions of fans worldwide. All three are superstars, all are talented—but just which Shah is King Shah of Bollywood?

(Okay, I know there’s no such title, I’m just having fun with this. Do you have a different opinion—please comment)

The Khans Gave Movie Goers a New Standard

Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have given movie goers have raised the standards for Bollywood and the film industry generally. We have come to expect something fantastic and beautiful whenever we lineup for the latest Khan movie. Any of the Khans.

Shahrukh is undisputed (by most fans) King of Romance and the box office. Is this enough to crown him our imaginary King of Bollywood. Here, SRK romances Katrina Kaif in the upcoming Yash Chopra epic Jab Tak Hai Jaan, releasing November 13, 2012.

Shahrukh exudes a confidence and humility that appeals to fans. In an interview on Star TV he said: “I don’t think I have the talent, the natural talent of Salman Khan or the steady conscientiousness of Aamir Khan, but to achieve what I have achieved, I’ve just been lucky.”

Shahrukh the King of Romance

Aamir and Salman debuted in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Shahrukh swept into the industry in 1992, 3 years later, and took Bollywood by surprise. Though all three have tremendous influence over the masses, and I enjoy them all, still Shahrukh Khan continues to hold the title of King of Romance. This is my opinion, but also the opinion of millions. It has been used as his “nickname” in media. When he is referred to by some as King Khan, I think this mostly refers to the King of Romance, rather than King of Bollywood. His other nickname is SRK.

Aamir Khan might gain the crown for best actor. Here, he is performing in the much anticipated series Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Initially Ignored by Filmfare
Even while Aamir was shut out of Filmfare even after eight nominations, while Shahrukh has fourteen Filmfare awards to his name. Together with Dilip Kumar, SRK continues to be recognized as the most awarded film actor in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan Has Edge in Creativity
In a recent interview, the more secretive Aamir Khan said on the TV show Frankly Speaking: “It’s been a journey that transformed me.”

Aamir, though, has the edge in creative spirit. One of the things that holds Aamir back is his elusiveness with fans and the media. Where Shahrukh happily embraces gameshows and hosting gigs, and gives out a friendly warmth toward his peers and the media, Aamir remains more mysterious. Not aloof, simply elusive. Aamir is know for altruism, kindness and a giving nature, and is well-loved, but he’s less open in public about his personal life.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate.

Aamir and Shahrukh Both Superb Actors
Even though both have proved their superb acting mettle in various non-glamourous roles, still Shahrukh has become synonymous with the role of the “lover” in various romance stories, notably films directed by the great Yash Chopra. On this level, he continues to be thought of as the King of Romance.

Salman Khan plays an intense spy in Ek Tha Tiger, a blockbuster current release that is setting box office records.

Shahrukh versus Aamir versus Salman By the Numbers

Shahrukh has acted in more roles than Aamir, with a nice diversity of roles, but predominantly as romantic leads. Eleven of Shahrukh’s movies have grossed over one billion rupees.

What Does Shahrukh Really Think About Aamir and Salman:

Salman Khan has engages audiences with his unusual dance numbers, meaty dialogues and cheeky mannerisms. When it comes to numbers, he has played in more than both Shahrukh and Aamir—ten more than Shahrukh.

By the numbers,Salman is not in the same league as Shahrukh. While Salman’s net worth is in the range of U.S $ 25 million, Shahrukh is a shocking U.S $ 540 million. Why the vast difference by the numbers? Because fans of Bollywood love romance.

Shahrukh himself described it this way: “There’s one thing that I’m better in than them, and that is I’m the greatest lover in the world.” (Star TV Interview, see video above)

Don’t Count Out Salman Khan
For the most part, Salman Khan’s films have been somewhat more high budget, showy and has glamorous. Salman’s image publicly has been held back by several controversies and litigation. Even his recent rivalry and public quarrel with Shahrukh has hurt his image.

Aamir Versus Shahrukh Versus Salman on Acting Ability
Even though his popularity is solid and gaining, most of Salman’s fans are also Shahrukh’s. The majority of reviewers and fans give the nod to Shahrukh as a better actor than Salman.

Below: Aamir Khan clips and theme song for Satyamev Jayate:

Salman is a dedicated bodybuilder, which he often plays up in his films to the delight of fans. Ek Tha Tiger, a current box-office leading release, is typical of this: lots of action, fun, romance, and visual appeal. His films can tend to be more fun and light-hearted versus projects taken on by Shahrukh. Despite Shahrukh’s depth and skill, many fans would give Aamir the top marks as best actor, despite Shahrukh’s heavy weight in the awards department. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both superb.

Below: Ek Tha Tiger, released August 15, dominates the box office:

Shahrukh the Family Man
Important to domestic fans—less important internationally—is Shahrukh’s status as the perfect family man in real life. He is the epitome of a great husband and father. Aamir, on the other hand has divorced his wife of 16 years to be with Kiran Rao. Shahrukh also gets more points from the audience in this department since family values count for a lot with domestic audiences.

Shahrukh Khan, here starring in the forthcoming Jab Tak Hai Jaan with Katrina Kaif, is the undisputed King of Bollywood Romance. He’s also our feature writer’s pick for King of Bollywood.

Shahrukh Rules the Heart—and Bollywood
Shahrukh continues to rule the hearts of people all over the world and not just in India. Even though his last few films have not fared as well at the box-office, his string of hits, massive net worth, family values, acting ability and notoriety as romantic lead, makes him my choice for king of Bollywood is far from over.

Below, trailer for the much-anticipated Yash Chopra romance, releasing November 13, 2012, with the King of Romance Shahrukh Khan:

Best of all, he will continue to surprise the audience just when everyone thought that he could not get any better. With an expected mega hit, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, the much-anticipated return of Yash Chopra as director, Shahrukh will no doubt solidify his leadership as box office king, and King of Hearts.

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  1. srkaaqib says:

    The king of bollywood is srk and ollwayz will be him ….inshaallah

  2. all is well…all is well…. Aamir is a quality actor than sharukh and salman. Its proved by his last two decades movies

  3. salman is the lethal cmbination of gud looks and great sense of humour..jaha tak fans or number one ka sawal..is the number one write now picture se prove hojata h..watch it..

  4. shah best of the world and king of the world; i ‘am from turkey and i love king khan

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