F&B Indie DVD Release Review: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror movie on DVD rethinks Snow White

Although Mirror Mirror had major “players” involved in the project, the eclectic mix of production companies allows us to softly classify as an “indie” film.

Review by Jenn Simpson

One of the new release movies on DVD is Mirror, Mirror. This is a movie that stars Julia Roberts as the queen, along with Lily collins as Snow White. It also stars Armie Hammer, and features Natan Lane as the court lackey Brighton. The director of the movie was Tarsem Singh It is an adaptation of the Snow White fable.
Mirror, Mirror tells the story of an evil queen (Roberts) who takes the throne after the death of her husband. The queen is completely ruthless and wishes to exploit her people and rules with an iron hand. She thinks nothing of taxing her poor subjects to pay for extras in the palace.
Snow white works in the palace, but is given no special place even though she is the rightful queen. It is vaguely reminiscent of the Cinderella story.
Into the story comes the young, handsome Prince Alcott. (Hammer) He is a visitor to the palace, he has an immediate attraction to Snow White, but because he is wealthy the queen wants to marry him and use his money to pay for palace expenses. Snow White stands up to the queen and wants no part of her evil plan to exploit the people. Since Snow white is seen as a threat and is banished. The queen put out the order to have Snow White killed. Snow White takes refuge with the seven dwarves, who protect her and train her in fighting techniques to take back the palace.
Snow white meets Alcott again who is smitten, Alcott ends up back at the palace, the queen advised by her mirror gives him love potion to make him fall in love with her.Even though the mirror warned the Queen about using Dark Magic. He does initially, but later finds Snow White and falls back in love with her after a kiss. Snow White sees a necklace with a moon charm cuts it and her father emerges. Snow White makes a triumphant return to the kingdom and takes her rightful place on the throne, and marries Alcott. Julia Roberts Queen character become an old crone as a consequence of using Dark Magic.
I saw this movie recently, and did not really like it. It is not a fan favorite, because the story is confusing and bears little resemblance to the real Snow White Tale. This movie was originally released in the theatre on March 30 and was released on DVD June 26.
This movie was a bit dull, and the action was a bit hard to follow, because it was a tale that people are not familiar with.
The plot line was thin, and the characters did not always make sense. Some of the special effects in the movie are good, but in my opinion the talented actors in the movies were not well used. This is a movie that was worth a dollar rental from Redbox, but would not have been worth a movie admission ticket. for those that are fans of the the actors involved they may wish to see it, but it is not a great movie.

Julia Roberts as the Queen
Lily Collins as Snow White
Armie Hammer as Prince Alcott
Nathan Lane as Brighton
Jordan Prentice as Napoleon
Mark Povinelli as Half Pint
Joe Gnoffo as Grub
Danny Woodburn as Grimm
Sebastian Saraceno as Wolf
Martin Klebba as Butcher
Ronald Lee Clar as Chuckles
Robert Emms as Charles Renbock
Mare Winningham as Baker Margaret
Michael Lerner as Baron
Sean Bean as the King

Box Office Report
$85,000,000 approximate
Opening Weekend:
$18,132,085 in the USA approximate as of July 2012
$162,700,692 Worldwide approximate as of July 2012

Production Companies

Relativity Media (presents)
Yuk Films (in association with)
Goldmann Pictures
Rat Entertainment
Misha Films
Citizen Snow Film Productions

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